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7 Different Types of Free Shipping

A survey of online shoppers found 43 percent abandon their orders at checkout due to high shipping costs. With nearly half of all potential orders being left behind, free shipping offers are more important for merchants than ever. FreeShipping.org has compiled seven of the most popular free shipping methods stores are using today.

1. Total Free Shipping
Finding a store offering free shipping on every order is like hitting the shopping jackpot. These offers are typically limited to merchants who sell products like jewelry and shoes because they’re able to reach the needed profit margins. View a list of merchants who offerfree shipping on all orders.

2. Free Shipping With Membership
Members-only clubs are becoming increasingly prevelant. Shoppers pay an annual fee to join the club and get free shipping on all of their orders. In some cases, a store credit card provides the same benefits. This can really pay off for customers who make frequent purchases at the same retailer. See a list of merchants who offer free shipping with membership.

3. Minimum Order Shipping
This is the most popular kind of free shipping offer. When shoppers spend a certain amount, the entire order ships for free. In many cases, the magic number isn’t far beyond the cost of a typical order.

4. Select Item Shipping
Some merchants offer free shipping only on certain items. This method is regularly used by stores selling bulky products like furniture that are difficult and expensive to ship.

5. Site to Store Shipping
Living near a large retail chain can be a big benefit for shoppers. More and more merchants have started offering free shipping on orders shipped to physical store locations. While this method reduces convenience, customers find the extra effort worth it to avoid paying high shipping prices. Discover retailers who offer site to store shipping.

6. Free Return Shipping
Many retailers who sell shoes and clothes will provide free return shipping. Shoppers are then spared the expense of sending back items that don’t fit properly. This kind of offer can really draw in customers, with 90 percent saying free shipping offers entice them to spend more.

7. Flat Rate Shipping
With flat rate shipping merchants will ship all orders — no matter how big or small — for one set cost. Though it’s not exactly free, customers can shop without worrying about huge shipping expenses appearing at checkout.


FreeShipping.org is the largest resource on the Internet linking shoppers to free-shipping deals offered by more than 4,000 online merchants.


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