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Why are the Holidays So Hazardous to Our Health?

Physician Shares Tips for Giving Your Body What It Needs to Fight Illness It’s a sad statistical fact: The holidays, from Christmas to New Year’s, are a treacherous time when it comes to our health. “There’s a spike in heart attacks and other cardiac issues,” says Dr. John Young, a physician specializing in the treatment […]

Making Blended Families Work

Over the river and through the woods seems mild compared to getting to Grandma’s house these days. All you want is get your 2.5 children and their families together to enjoy a nice quiet holiday meal together, without the frenzied rush to get everyone to the next place. Since Utah is slightly above average nationally […]

The Holiday Blues

While holidays represent wonderful times, they can also be a time of high stress and exhaustion. Too many activities, not enough time, financial demands, and family pressures can overload anyone’s circuits. For many, Christmas is not a time of joy and cheer, but of depression, loneliness, anxiety, and self-doubt. These days of personal crisis, unemployment, […]

American Red Cross Encourages Donors to Make a Blood Donation Before the Holiday Season

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The American Red Cross encourages eligible donors to make a point to give blood before the busy holiday season arrives. Blood donations often decline between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day as people become busy with holiday festivities. Donors are needed in the weeks leading up to the winter holidays to […]